Hello, my name is Donald Hinks and I have operated Gettysburg Electronics for 43 years. My own treasure hunting career began in the late '60s with an early BFO / Transistor Radio kit. After graduating to an early Heathkit, I (and my kids) were hooked, and since 1972 I have been providing the best brands of world-class metal detectors as a full service dealer in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We stock 60 different new models of metal detectors in the seven high-quality brands, and offer a large quantity of pre-owned units. No other dealer within 300 miles of Gettysburg stocks as many detectors and accessories as we do.

The philosophy of our store is simple. We are dedicated to providing good products, good prices, and the know-how to make sure you can get the most out of your hobby. This simple philosophy is the reason we've been at this for 43 years and have sold about 11,500 metal detectors, one satisfied customer at a time.