Metal Detectors

We stock over 65 different models of metal detectors from the seven major quality detector manufacturers. We have metal detectors for the beginner, professional, and everyone in between.


White's, Garrett, Fisher, Tesoro, Minelab, Teknetics, XP Deus, and Makro Racer

We also have in stock dozens of pre-owned detectors. The selection is constantly changing. Call or email us if there is a specific model you are looking for.


Gettysburg Electronics stocks a wide selection of accessories and parts for all quality metal detectors that we sell. This includes larger and smaller searchcoils, upper and lower rods, coil hardware, assemblies, coil covers, headphones, environmental covers, detector carrying bags, baseball caps, trash treasure aprons, and much, much more!  The photograph is typical of the great supply of parts and accessories that we stock for your convienience. Need parts? We probably have them!

Digging Equipment

Gettysburg Electronics stocks a wide variety of heavy duty recovery tools that are several times stronger than the garden tools sold by most hardware stores. These tools are especially made for use with metal detectors. This includes heavy duty stainless steel trowels, hardened tool steel Lesche digging equipment, several styles of sand scoops, for use at the beach, etc. For gold recovery, we offer gold pans and sluice boxes. For the rockhound, we offer the finest Estwing tools. This photograph shows just a portion of our high quality recovery equipment for the detector users who want the best.

Display Cases

Gettysburg Electronics offers a wide variety of high quality display cases for displaying your collections, including Riker Mounts from 3" x 4" to 14" x 20", divided flocked frames, colored foam backed velvet, walnut cases from 6" x 9" to 18" x 24", flag cases, and stands. The photograph shows a representative example of our wide selection of display items.

Artifact Identification

Gettysburg Electronics offers an excellent selection of books for identifying artifacts, coins, tokens, and other items that you may recover with a metal detector. For the Civil War artifact collector, we stock special books for identifying bullet varieties, buttons, artillery shells, horse equipment, artillery fuses, headgear insignia, spurs, etc., as well as price guides. Also, books on French and Indian War artifacts, Indian artifacts, etc., are available. The photograph shows a small portion of the identification books that we stock.


Gettysburg Electronics stocks a wide variety of high quality LORTONE Tumblers and parts. In stock are the 3A, 33B, and 45C (shown), and tumbler kits. Supplies and accessories include the 4-Step Kit for polishing gemstones, plastic pellets for a filler, walnut shells for cleaning casings for reloading, extra drums, belts, and other parts.


Small, large, and double barrel tumblers, Replacement tumbler barrels, Polishing compounds, Replacement belts and parts.

We gladly ship these units to US addresses. Call or email us for more information.

Estwing Geology Tools

Pointed Tip Geologist Picks
E3-14P 14 oz. $39.50
E3-22P 22 oz. $40.90
E3-23LP 22 oz. Long Handle $45.30
E30 22 oz. Leather Handle $45.90
Long Tip Geologist Picks
E3-13P 13 oz. $32.80
E13P 13 oz. Leather Grip $37.80
Chipping Hammer
E3-WC 20 oz. Pointed Tip $33.40
GP100 Paleo-Pick $80.20
Crack Hammers
B3-2LB 2 lb., Short Handle $36.30
B3-3LB 3 lb., Short Handle $36.30
B3-4LB 4 lb., Short Handle $40.90
B3-4LBL 4 lb., Long Handle $42.75
Rock Chisels
ERC-7C Broad splitting head, 2-1/2" x 7", 14 oz. $21.70
ERC-8C For general splitting, 1-1/8" x 8-3/4", 16 oz. $21.70
ERC-9C Gad point for wedging and prying, 5/8" x 12-1/2", 27 oz. $21.50
ERC-12C Slender for narrow pockets, 5/8" x 12", 10 oz. $21.60
Leather Sheath
#3 Pointed Tip Picks $10.50
#4 Chisel Picks $11.10
#6 Safety Goggles $4.30

Civil War Artifacts

Gettysburg Electronics offers a nice selection of Civil War artifacts found with metal detectors. A sample of items offered to the collector is shown in the photograph.