August 2017 Specials

The Gettysburg Electronics almanac predicts that August will be a HOT dry month. In areas that do get rain, there should be some good detecting to be done during the earlier hours of the day, and in the evenings when it cools off and stays light to about 8:30 PM. Beach hunting is now excellent as thousands of people swarm to the beaches, and each day are nice enough to seed the beach with innumerable coins, rings, and jewelry. Never say there's nothing to be found. It's out there waiting for you to get them out of the dirt or sand so they will be appreciated once again. You are doing them a real favor! August may be HOT, but our specials are HOTTER! Stop in soon to take advantage of our spectacular bargains - and don't forget to bring in your August Coupon and save!


6% Pennsylvania sales tax must be added to the sale price if sold within the state of Pennsylvania.

Shipping, if required, is extra. This is usually USPS Priority Mail on small packages, or UPS Ground on large packages.

1 Retirement Sale on Numerous New Metal Detectors:
We have only one remaining detector left on many models, except in cases where we overstocked and have more. We must sell out to the walls, so are offering these at or below our cost. When they are gone, they're gone and will not be reordered. All units are perfect, and will be shipped in the original boxes. Some are currently on display, but will be placed back into their boxes. These are some great bargains that you won't find anywhere else.

DetectorSale Price
Fisher Gold Bug Pro DP$340.00
Fisher F75 LTD Ed., two Coils$699.00
Minelab Pinpoint Probe$69.95
Teknetics G2, 11" Coil$375.00

2 Pre-Owned Detectors:
Gettysburg Electronics has around 75 pre-owned detectors that we are offering at bargain retirement sale pricing. We haven't had time to list them all individually, but plan to list some as time permits. In addition to the ones now listed, we have a number of White's MXTs, several White's 5900s and 6000s, vintage Garrett ADS and Master Hunter series, etc. We will try to list them all individually, time permitting. Is there any specific model you are seeking? Every pre-owned detector includes instructions and is guaranteed to operate perfectly. Coil covers when available are included. Call or email us for more information on any specific unit.

DetectorSale Price
old Bounty Hunter Maverick$35.00
Compass Judge 5$49.95
Compass Magnum 220 VLF/TR$70.00
Compass Magnum 240$70.00
Garrett Ace Plus$129.95
Garrett ADS I$100.00
Garrett ADS II$100.00
Garrett ATX Deepseeker Package$1,400.00
Garrett Competition Master TR$70.00
Garrett Grand Master CX$100.00
Garrett Grand Master CX II$200.00
Garrett Groundhog ADS I$99.95
Garrett GTI 1500$300.00
Garrett Master Hunter 5$149.95
Garrett Master Hunter 6$149.95
Garrett Ultra GTA 350$80.00
Garrett VLF/TR Deepseeker$100.00
Garrett VLF/TR Groundhog$99.95
Gold Mountain "Boss" VLF/TR Disc.$69.95
Fisher F75 Spec. Ed. (latest technology), two Coils$749.95
Minelab Safari$600.00
Minelab X-Terra 305$200.00
Tesoro Conquistador$180.00
Tesoro Cutlass II uMax$160.00
Tesoro Deleon$350.00
White's 5000/D Series 2$149.95
White's 5900/Di Pro SL$300.00
White's 6000/Di Pro$149.95
White's 6000/Di Series 2$149.95
White's 6000/Di Series 3 Hipmount$75.00
White's Classic III$149.95
White's Coinmaster 2000/D Series 3$75.00
White's Coinmaster 4/DB$75.00
White's Coinmaster 5000/D Series 3$75.00
White's Coinmaster 6000/D$75.00
White's DFX$399.95
White's MXT 950 Coil$349.95
White's RelicMaster (rare)$200.00
White's Spectra V3i$749.95
White's Surfmaster DF$400.00
White's XLT E-Series$349.95

3 Garrett Ace 200, 300, 400:
With all these great units, we include free Garrett accessories in August. They are our most popular lower-priced detectors. These are improved versions of the popular Ace 150, 250, and 350.

Detector Supplies

1 Accessory Searchcoils:
20% discount on all new White's, Tesoro, Fisher, Makro Racer, Minelab, and Teknetics accessory searchcoils. Also, pre-owned fully-guaranteed searchcoils at bargain prices are available. Use a smaller searchcoil for detecting in trashy areas, and a larger searchcoil where additional depth for larger items is required.

2 Minelab X-Terra searchcoils 50% - 60% off MSRP.

Search CoilSale PriceMSRP
6" Concentric 7.5 kHz$70.00$160.00
9" Concentric 3.0 kHz$90.00$241.00
9" Concentric 7.5 kHz$85.00$190.00
8" Concentric 18.75 kHz$90.00$241.00
10" x 5" DD 18.75 kHz$90.00$245.00
10.5" DD 18.75 kHz$85.00$190.00
Coiltek 15" 7.5 kHz$140.00$306.00

3 Minelab Searchcoils Retirement Sale

CTX 3030 CoilsSale Price
6" Round DD$250.00

FBS Coils: Explorer XS, II, SE, Safari, E-TracSale Price
Coiltek 15"$165.00
Coiltek 12" x 8"$150.00
Sun Ray Stealth X-8$150.00
Sun Ray Stealth X-5$170.00
Minelab Explorer 800$180.00
11" DD$150.00

BBS Coils: Sovereign, Elite, GTSale Price
Sun Ray S-5 Intruder$130.00

GPX CoilsSale Price
15" Mono Elliptical Commander$275.00
10" DD Elliptical Commander$175.00
8" Mono Commander$175.00
Coiltek 12" x 8" Elliptical DD$175.00

4 Retirement Sale - Headphones (Supplies Limited)

Detector Pro Gray Ghost Headphones
Black Widow$80.00
Nugget Busters NDT$80.00
Jolly Rogers$60.00
Deep Woods$65.00
NDT 1/4" Plug$80.00
Nugget Busters$60.00

Minelab Headphones
Koss UR 30$70.00
Koss UR 3030 for SDC 2300$120.00
Koss Waterproof Headphones for CTX 3030$110.00

Sun Ray Headphones
Sun Ray Pro Gold$79.95

White's Headphones
White's ProStar (Lifetime Warranty)$70.00
White's StarLite Light-Weight$10.00

Garrett Headphones
MS-2 Headphones$29.95
TreasureSound Lightweight$10.00

5 Minelab Coil Covers:
60% discount sale pricing!

Coil CoverSale PriceMSRP
6" Black X-Terra$13.20$33.00
9" Concentric X-Terra$10.40$26.00
10" Elliptical Black X-Terra$13.20$33.00
10" Elliptical Blue Eureka Gold
(also fits X-Terra 10" Elliptical)
10" Round Sovereign$15.20$38.00
8" Black FBS Safari, E-Trac$13.60$34.00
11" Open Black CTX3030, Safari, E-Trac$10.40$26.00
17" CTX3030$10.40$26.00
15" x 12" GPX 5000$26.60$59.00
18" Round GPX 5000$32.00$80.00

6 Gray Ghost Underwater Headphones:
For AT Pro and AT Gold, these are great headphones with clearer response on deep targets. They are very comfortable, and are a good choice for both land and water use. I recommend them. 2 years warranty. August special $150.00 (list $165.00).

7 Garrett ProPointer AT:
$134.95 ($149.95 value). This Garrett pinpointer is submersible to 10 feet. It offers the option of operating it with both audio and vibration, or with vibration only. Both modes of operation offer three levels of sensitivity. Its orange color (affectionately called the Garrett Carrot) makes the pinpointer easier to find if left at the last place you used it. Garrett ProPointers are the favorite pinpointers in America. I never detect without one. They cut recovery time down to half or less. The black water resistant Garrett ProPointer II is on sale for $110.45 ($129.45 value).

8 Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System:
August special: $134.95.

9 Lesche Standard Digging Tool with Sheath:
$39.95, or just $34.95 with purchase of a new detector (list price $49.95). Hardened tool steel Lesche Digging Tools are a must for the detectorist. These are American-made in New Jersey. Two metal detector companies brought out similar digging tools that are made in China and Taiwan. Don't trust them. Buy American!

10 Padded Carrying Bags:
20% discount during August. Protect your detector whether traveling or storing the unit.

11 "American Digger" and "North South Trader" Magazines:
$2.00 off on all back issues up through Volume 12. Buy 10 or more of these back issues at the same time, and pay only $3.95 each! What issues do you need? Time to complete your collection?

12 Three-Ring Union Minie Balls:
Carried by New York troops during the Battle of Gettysburg, and dug in a New York camp on the retreat route from Gettysburg. $3.00 each while they last.

13 Divided Flocked Frames, Ring Cases, and Button Cases:
Divided flocked frames and ring cases: 8" x 14.5" are $7.00 each, 12" x 16" are $10.00 each, while they last. Button cases: $14.00, while they last.

14 Lortone Tumblers:
Lortone 33B Two-Barrel Tumblers: $79.95 (List $142.00).

Lortone 45 C Tumbler: $79.95 (List $142.00).

15 Minelab Go Find 60 Accessory Kit:
Includes Carry Bag, Battries, Finds Pouch and Shovel, Ear Buds, and Smartphone Holder. $25.00 plus shipping.

Come in for a demonstration, and see us for these great specials!