Hercules Engine


This huge rare Hercules 4 cylinder ca. 136 HP model TXO - 6 3/8" x 7" engine was purchased in Canada in July of 1994, and trucked to Carrollton Ohio, where it has been kept ever since. The previous owner noted that he had run the engine, but I never tried to start it up. This engine was used on the largest Star Drilling Machines back in the late 1920s and during the 1930s. It was the largest 4-cylinder industrial-type engine made by Hercules at that time. The Star Drilling Machine Company name is prominently cast into the rear control panel. The engine weighs ca. 3400 pounds according to the specifications. I hoped to restore the engine to original, but at 85 years old I realize I'll never get it done. Note that in the control panel there is an oil gauge, but the other instruments are lacking.


Look at all photographs to see the present condition. When restored and painted, with its cast aluminum oil pan, cast aluminum and polished water outlet manifold on top of the engine, polished brass priming caps, etc, it can be an excellent attraction at a show, mounted on its own trailer. There was never an electric starter on the engine. You start it with the starting crank which they note that "it looks big enough to be a connecting rod, but you can turn it over easily".


The Hercules TXO is stored in Carrollton Ohio and must be picked up there. It is too large and too heavy for a pickup truck.


Considerable original literature is included with the engine as follows:


Five 6”x9” books as follows:

A.   “Parts Price List Hercules Engine and Power Unit TX, TXA, TXO, TXC, TXAC, TXOC” May 1, 1928. The covers are worn and separated from the text.

B.   “Parts List Hercules Engine and Power Unit of the TX Series” March 1, 1935. 42 pages. Cover soiled.

C.   “Hercules Operator’s Handbook For TX Series” January 3, 1949. 20 pages. Excellent condition.

D.   “Lubrication Instructions for Hercules Engines” TX, TXA, TXO Series. 28 pages. Excellent condition.

E.   “Parts List Hercules Engine and Power Unit of the TX Series” April 1, 1954. 48 pages. Excellent condition.


Additional literature:

A.   “Specifications of Hercules Engines and Hercules Power Units” Includes Model TXO. 8 1/2” x 11”. 1929.

B.   “Hercules on the Job in Drilling Machinery” brochure picturing a Hercules TXO engine on a Star Drilling Machine. Late 1920s.

C.   1927 Hercules Engine Fold Out Poster. Opens to 17” x 22”. Pictures TXO engine. Shows wear at folds, and small holes in one fold.

D.   “Hercules Engines 1930” Reprint from the 1930 Construction Equipment Catalog of John C Louis Co., Baltimore. Pages 163-188. Includes 4 pages on the Model TXO.

E.   “Hercules on the Job in Hoists and Conveyors” brochure showing a Hercules TXO engine. Late 1920s.

F.    A large number of copies of pages from Star Drilling Machine Company, and from Hercules Co. literature showing the Hercules TXO engine.



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