Waukesha engine


This ca. 1926 Waukesha model GU- 5 3/8" x 6 1/4" four-cylinder engine with a Ricardo head was used by the Star Drilling Machine Company on drilling rigs and their power shovel. It was purchased in Ft. Erie, Canada, in 1994 and trucked to Carrollton Ohio where it has been kept inside. The unit was stuck when I purchased it, and I have not attempted to free it up and run it. An American Bosch magneto, which I purchased restored, and is not shown on the engine pictures, is included. With an aluminum crankcase and brass fittings (including priming cocks) it will be a beautiful engine when restored.


The engine must be picked up in Carrollton Ohio. It weighs over a ton.


Considerable literature is included with the engine, as follows:

1. MJB4A10Z Magneto

2. Care and Operation of Waukesha Ricardo Head Four Cylinder Heavy Duty Engines. Series "U" and "R" for Industrial Purposes. 8th Edition. 79 pages. April 1930.

3. Waukesha Ricardo Head Engine Parts Price List for Engine Model GU - 5 3/8" x 6 1/4", with prices. May 27, 1930. Lacks rear cover.

4. Waukesha Engine Parts Price List for Engine Model GU. No prices given. November 1947.

5. Copies of Star Drilling Machine Company literature describing this engine's use in their Star Power Shovel and their No.28ST and No.30ST drilling machines.

6. Copy of "Instruction and Maintenance Data for American Bosch" MJB4A, MJB6A Magneto.



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