Current Specials

Note: These items are in very limited supply. Sale prices do not include PA sales tax. Call Don at 717-334-1282 for availability. These may be picked up at our home on 225 Ewell Avenue, Gettysburg, two blocks east of the high school.

Detector Supplies and Books

1 29" Hardened Tool Steel Shovels:
Only 1 left, $40.00 (reg. $54.95).

2 American Digger Magazine:
Latest issue (Vol. 13, Issue 6), $5.00.

3 "Modern Metal Detectors" by Charles Garrett:
This has been out of print for several years. 432 pages, plus supplementary material. $12.95 (1 copy available).

4 "American Military Belt Plates" by Mike O'Donnell & Duncan Campbell:
$39.95 (1 copy available).

5 "The Civil War Collector's Price Guide" 12th Edition:
$23.95 (40% discount).

6 "American Military Headgear Insignia" by Mike O'Donnell and Duncan Campbell:
311 pages. $24.00 (40% discount).

7 "Ready Aim Fire" by Dean Thomas:
Signed copy, 2007 edition, 76 pages. Great for identifying bullets used in Gettysburg. $15.00.

8 "Keys to the Past Archaeological Treasures of Mackinac":

9 "Relic Quest" by Stephen Moore:
546 pages. $13.77 (40% discount).

10 "Introduction to Lapidary":
196 pages. $13.17 (40% discount).

11 "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard Crouch:
238 pages, out of print. A great Civil War artifact identification book. Scarce new copy. $99.95.

12 "Treasure Hunting for Fun and Profit" by Charles Garrett:
206 pages. $6.00 (40% discount).

13 "Rocks from Space":
449 pages. Describes the different types of meteorites you may find with your metal detector. $19.20 (40% discount).

14 Miscellaneous Pre-Owned Detectors:

  1. A Vintage White's 5900/Di Pro SL with the original 950 coil and coil cover, 4 new Duracell batteries, heavy duty arm rest assembly, detector stand, manual, and original sales catalog. Works great. $229.95.
  2. A vintage Garrett ADS Master Hunter II with the original 7-1/2" coil. This is a VLF/TR disc. instrument which has excellent depth for relic hunting. Included are the operating instructions and an original catalog showing the unit. The unit works fine, and would make a great back-up detector. $59.95.
  3. A vintage Garrett ADS Master Hunter 6 with the original 7-1/2" coil. This Garrett has a regular GEB mode and motion discrimination like many new models, except the target ID is on an analog meter. It comes with an optional arm rest, operating instructions, an an original catalog showing this model. It works great. $89.95.
  4. A vintage Garrett Master Hunter 5 with the original 7-1/2" coil. It's like the above Master Hunter 6, except the analog meter doesn't have target ID. It includes operating instructions, and an original catalog showing this model. It works fine. $74.95.
  5. White's 6000/Di Pro with an 8" coil, Duracell batteries, a detector stand, owner's manual, and an original brochure on the model. This has very good depth. On the discriminate mode, I notice that on things like thin sheet metal, it tends to give a broken sound. The unit should give good service for a long time. $89.95
  6. Other miscellaneous used units include a 1978 White's 6000/D for $59.95, a Compass Magnum 220 for $25.00, a White's Coinmaster 4 D/B for $39.95, a Fisher 1270 with headphones for $125.00, and a scarce vintage White's 6000/Di Series 3 chest mount for $79.95.
  7. All the above and 4 other units that may need some service (12 total detectors), $750.00 or best offer. I can demonstrate how to use all of these detectors.