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The Pen Mar Historical Recovery Association, which has been meeting bi-monthly since 1980 is a non-profit organization composed of men and women interested in the responsible use of metal detecting as a hobby. Club meetings are normally held at the National Apple Museum in Biglerville on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month. Each meeting includes displays of items recently recovered with a metal detector, refreshments, and fellowship. An annual planted club hunt is held on the 1st Saturday of October, with additional hunts during the year. For more information or a membership application, contact Don Hinks at Gettysburg Electronics (717) 334-8634 or email

August 8, 2017

Pen Mar Historical Recovery Association Meeting
7:00 PM at the National Apple Museum in Biglerville.

6:30 PM: Pre-Meeting Seeded Hunt! Bring your metal detector. Hundreds of good targets will be seeded for the hunt. These targets will not be buried. Digging equipment will not be allowed. To speed up your recovery of these good targets, bring along your pinpoint probe. The club hunt last meeting was a real blast. This one will be even better, with more targets. To participate in the club hunt, you must be a paid member of the Pen Mar Historical Recovery Association.

7:00 PM: Our speaker for the evening is Mike O'Donnell, author and publisher from Alexandria, Virginia. He will have a PowerPoint presentation in color, depicting the story of pioneer relic hunter Dick Hammond, who, in 1954, recovered his first Civil War belt buckles and literally thousands of Civil War artifacts using a surplus Army mine detector. Everywhere he detected was virgin ground. The camps and battle areas he detected has never seen a metal detector before! Tens of thousands of artifacts were recovered, none of which he ever sold. The places he detected and artifacts he recovered will be documented in a full-color book coming out soon. You do not want to miss this meeting. It will be great!

There will be judging of displays of coins, rings, jewelry, and relics found since the last meeting on June 12th.

Refreshments will be available as usual. Coffee and sodas will be provided. The rest: snacks, cakes, and goodies, will be up to the members to provide. Please bring along some goodies for us to enjoy. Many thanks to all who have been faithful in helping out with refreshments at past meetings.

October 7, 2017

Annual Club Hunt

Details will be announced later in the year.

December 12, 2017

Pen Mar Historical Recovery Association Meeting
7:00 PM at the National Apple Museum in Biglerville.

This meeting will include judging of displays of the best member finds since the December 2016 meeting.