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1922 Overland Model 4, unrestored, rough. $2250.

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The 1922 Overland needs a complete restoration which I looked forward to doing when I retired. I'm 89 and I'll never get time to restore it. I purchased it in 1993 from the elderly son of the original buyer who bought it in March of 1922. It was in its later years used to carry stuff around the farm. Then it was driven into a shed and not used for years until I discovered it. It has always been kept dry. Unfortunately, to use it on the farm, the owner cut off the body back of the rear seat and trimmed the fenders. I've been picking up items for the restoration including an excellent passenger's side front fender, an extra headlight, the windshield, etc. I believe it would have run if I had gassed it up when I picked it up, except for a bad distributor base. It was made of pot metal, which falls apart, and needs replaced.

I'm asking $2,250 for the Overland. It must be picked up at our farm in Carrollton Ohio.

The following literature is included with the Overland:

  1. "Overland Model Four Operation and Care". 6"x9", 31 pages. Worn at spine.
  2. "Overland Operation and Care". 6"x9", 31 pages. This manual is original to the car, but was torn in half, and taped together with magic tape.
  3. "Overland Repair Manual" 92 page copy.
  4. "Overland Parts List, Fifth Edition" For Model 4 and 4A. 157 page copy.
  5. Three registration certificates for this car including the first (3/1/1922) and the 1924 and 1925 certificates.

Vintage Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor. $450.

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This heavy duty 1929 Ingersoll Rand air compressor was purchased probably 30 years ago to supply air to operate Star Drilling Machine Company steam engines, without using a boiler. The compressor uses a Waukesha model V1434 engine. I never tried to use the compressor. It is being sold as is.