Pen Mar News

The Pen Mar Historical Recovery Association, which has been meeting bi-monthly since 1980 is a non-profit organization composed of men and women interested in the responsible use of metal detecting as a hobby. Club meetings are normally held at the National Apple Museum in Biglerville on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month. Each meeting includes displays of items recently recovered with a metal detector, refreshments, and fellowship. An annual planted club hunt is held on the 1st Saturday of October, with additional hunts during the year. For more information or a membership application, contact Bill Hoffman at

Yearly Dues for membership in the Pen Mar Historical Recovery Association are $25.00 per year. This includes anyone in a family (husband, wife, and any children up to 18 years old), and single memberships. Dues may be mailed to William Hoffman, 2204 County Line Rd, York Springs, PA 17372, or paid at a club meeting. We welcome anyone to attend any club meeting, but if a person wants to be involved in the outside hunts during the year, display items found, etc, dues must be paid.

Refreshments will be available as usual. Coffee and sodas will be provided. The rest (snacks, cakes, goodies) will be up to members to provide. Please bring along some goodies for us to enjoy. Many thanks to all who have been faithful in helping out with refreshments at past meetings!

Upcoming Meetings:

December 11, 2018 (7 PM sharp)

Pen Mar December Meeting
National Apple Museum in Biglerville

Scott Lupro will be speaking about all aspects of metal detecting. Check out Scott's Metal Detecting Maryland Facebook group! He will have many finds displayed and will be showing a video.

Year End Judging of Displays
Members are urged to bring displays of the items they have recovered with their detectors since the 2017 December meeting. Any member who brings a display will be asked to speak about their finds and anything interesting about them. Displays will be judged in four categories: Coins and Jewelry, Relics (Civil War or other non coin or jewelry items), Miscellaneous, and New Member Find. Coins or other items dug at club hunts and items dug in organized paid for hunts may not be displayed. When judging, remember that not quantity alone should be considered, but rarity and condition are important. Each member may display in as many categories as he or she pleases, but do not mix up categories in a display, i.e. coins in with jewelry, or in with minie balls. These should be separate displays, each judged on their own merit. You must be a club member to display for prizes.


2019 Meetings:

February 12, 2019
National Apple Museum in Biglerville

April 9, 2019
National Apple Museum in Biglerville

June 11, 2019
National Apple Museum in Biglerville

August 13, 2019
National Apple Museum in Biglerville

October 5, 2019
Annual Club Hunt

December 10, 2019
Annual Meeting
National Apple Museum in Biglerville